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Trailblazing Transformation

Blazing the Infinite Source Within                   505-660-5511


Dolores Cannon Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session: $333 per session

Brian Weiss Past Life Regression Session $333 per session

*ThetaHealing: $333 per full session or $111 per hour

A Four to Six Hour Intensive of one or more of the modalities offered above: $333

Please add Santa Fe Sales Tax on all totals.

It is within your gifts and nature, as well as encoded in the high vibrational tools offered, to facilitate comprehensive transformation, at the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental levels, in a broad range of life categories. Often radical changes occur in one session. In some situations three to four sessions better allow shifts from various angles, securing major solid, lasting results.

Full payment is due prior to the session on-line, or when you arrive at the appointment. Cash, Credit Card or Paypal payments are accepted.

*ThetaHealing is available via Skype or phone.